QoTD: Who’s At Fault In The Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut Video

10.12.12 5 years ago 120 Comments

When ratchet happens, WorldStar’s there to capture it. And yesterday, ratchet was rampant in Cleveland after a verbal altercation on the RTA turned all the way between an older male driver and a younger female passenger. What started with her repeatedly yelling at him and him responding with “you going to jail now” quickly escalated once she did something, which is unclear in the video, to the driver. What happened next?

Well, if you haven’t seen the video since it started making the rounds last night, just click play to witness one hell of an uppercut and subsequent choking.

According to Cleveland’s Fox 8 News, an RTA spokesperson responded “the driver was removed from duty and suspended. We are investigating.”

But we ask, who’s in the wrong here? Men should never hit women, right? But, the youth should always respect their elders, no?

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