CM Punk Rocks The Mic With An “Anti-WWE” Promo For The Ages And Gets “Suspended”

06.28.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

It’s been many moons since we did our list of wrestling’s best sh*t talkers, but with one interview, CM Punk may have jumped a few spots. For years, CM Punk has been my favorite wrestler in the WWE. He took his straight-edge gimmick and became the most compelling heel in the company.

His current storyline involves the supposed end of his contract coming up on July 17th when Punk takes on John Cena in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. Punk promises to win the title and take it with him when he leaves the WWE. But here’s the beauty: CM, when he was a wrestler at Ring Of Honor before his WWE stint, was in an identical angle where he won the title and vowed to take it from ROH and hand it to Vince McMahon. Of course, this is something that only the Internet fans know. But for the first time in years, we have a WWE storyline where Internet fans and regular fans alike have absolutely no clue what will happen come July 17th. Is Punk’s contract even up on the 17th? Will he renew his contract? Will he win and continue a story of wanting to leave the WWE with the belt? This is easily the most compelling the WWE has been since…well…CM Punk and Jeff Hardy had their monumental feud in 2009.

To really drive the storyline home, Punk delivered a promo of a lifetime last night. What he delivered was what people in the business call a “worked shoot” in which the wrestler appears to veer off script and spout “insider” rhetoric when in actuality it was pre-approved by Vince McMahon and the writers. Punk broke the fourth wall and talked about writers and behind-the-scenes workings of the company that somebody like John Cena wouldn’t talk about. This was the equivalent of Freddie Gibbs given a live mic to talk his sh*t for five minutes during the MTV Awards. Punk has always been a star on the mic, but he delivered in a big way. Punk is the greatest thing on WWE television and I really hope his contract isn’t actually over with in three weeks, because without him (and Randy Orton over at Smackdown!) Vince McMahon can keep his PG crap with the kids and count me out until Punk comes back or The Rock returns.

Here’s the history-making promo:

And to make the storyline more realistic, Vince McMahon released a press release where he “suspended” Punk for his comments. This, my friends, is storyline gold where every detail is being considered.

Here’s the statements from the WWE:

Monday Night Raw’s abrupt conclusion last night was not due to technical difficulties. The decision to suddenly end the broadcast in that manner was made by WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who gave this quote to

“C.M. Punk was suspended indefinitely for his unprofessional conduct as soon as Raw went off the air.”

With his WWE contract expiring on July 17, one can only assume that this suspension effectively terminates C.M. Punk’s tenure with WWE.

And for those of you new to CM Punk, here’s one of the best promos in wrestling history courtesy of his early days at Ring Of Honor.

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