Coach Cowher Always Enjoys Some Goddamn Nachos Whenever He Plays Mini-Golf With His Wife

03.25.08 10 years ago 19 Comments

Some fucking date night this turned out to be. If I knew you weren’t gonna show up today, if I KNEW YOU WEREN’T GONNA COMPETE TODAY, THEN WE COULD HAVE JUST STAYED HOME. Now I didn’t come all the way out here to Frankie’s Fun Park to get embarrassed like this. You’re lucky we’re playing two rounds today, because that course OWNED YOUR ASS in the first half, and YOU BETTER FIND A WAY TO GET IT TOGETHER before we go back out there.

Did you even READ THE SCOUTING REPORT this week? You tried to hit it under the hippo on 13 when I’VE TOLD YOU ALL FUCKING WEEK THAT HIS TUMMY REACHES THE TURF! Get your HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS. And three times you went in the water because you didn’t take care of the ball. You need to take what the course gives you this second half, because this time you’re pulling YOUR OWN FUCKING BALL out of the water. I don’t care if your hand does get wet.

[Juts out chin. Chin pokes 9-year-old kid in the eye]

What the hell was that kid doing within 3 feet of my chin? Yeah, why don’t you cry about it, you little shit. What kind of mental approach to life is that? Chins are going to come at you from all angles later in life, kid. It’s best you learn to overcome adversity while you’re young and develop a pattern for success. Show some composure. ACT LIKE YOU’VE BEEN POKED WITH A CHIN BEFORE!

Enough of this shit. If I don’t get some goddamn nachos my fucking head is gonna blow off. I always get some goddamn nachos when I play mini golf. And I better get more jalapeños than they have on that sorry poster.

And after I store some of these delicious nachos in my chin, we’re going back out there and you’re going to redeem yourself for that sorry first half. TAKE CARE OF THE GOLF BALL! This is our game! And we call our game mini-golf, not Putt-Putt. That’s a proprietary trademark, and we don’t let proprietary trademarks into our house…or, vocabulary!


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