Coach Payton Sends Shockey An Alibi, Plus HUG!!!!!!!

03.22.12 6 years ago 40 Comments

Jeremy Shockey can’t get enough of Twitter fights. Fresh off tangling with Amani Toomer the other week over reports that Shockey wanted to return to play for the Giants, Shockey has now settled into a social media bitchfest with Warren Sapp, who yesterday accused him of being the snitch to the league in the Saints bounty scandal, despite the presence of any evidence and reporters familiar with the case saying that it plain isn’t true.

Nevertheless, Shockey is determined to clear his not-quite-good but still non-snitchy name with the public, lest he receive stitches or another form of non-rhyming retribution.

To that end, he’s done things like challenge Sapp to take a lie detector test on-air on ESPN. Now, this afternoon, Shockey posted what he claims is a text conversation with Sean Payton that purportedly clears Shockey of involvement. Even though, you know, using Payton as a credible defense right now might not be the best idea, given that he’s actually being suspended for lying more than the actual bounty business. Not that it matters. I’m just glad that Shockey has granted us a peek into player-coach sexting exchanges.

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