Colbert Launched A Jihad Against Bill O’Reilly Last Night


Anyone who watches Stephen Colbert’s show on a regular basis knows that Colbert is O’Reilly’s biggest fan next to Bill himself, so when O’Reilly went on the Daily Show prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and jokingly announced that the title of his next book would be “Killing Colbert,” well, you just knew that Stephen would be heartbroken. But rather than be sad about the whole thing, Colbert pulled an O’Reilly shrine out from under his desk and blasted it with a fire extinguisher. He then called on his viewers to help him knock O’Reilly’s book off the bestseller list. In other words, THIS IS WAR!

“Alright nation, this shit is on,” he said. “Let’s get it done in one week and rock it to the top. And if that rocket happens to go right up Bill O’Reilly’s ass, then Merry Christmas.”


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