Colin Kaepernick’s Money Socks Bring Him Great Fortune

06.05.14 3 years ago 59 Comments


Wearing socks that show someone making it rain seems like a regular thing Colin Kaepernick might do, whether or not he was planning to sign a massive contract extension. And indeed, when he put them on Wednesday, he didn’t know it would be the day he would receive a $126 million deal. Nice when things work out that way.

Kaepernick said a friend gave him the navy-colored crew socks, apparently called “Make It Rain” from the company “40s and Shorties.”

“I had these on before I found out. So, luck of the draw,” said Kaepernick.

Here they are. Hopefully he was also wearing a backward hat so as to fully enrage this man.


The socks retail for $12. The San Jose Mercury News did the Rovellian thing and calculated that Kaep can now buy 10,500,000 pairs with the full amount of his deal. Everyone knows players seldom ever get the full amount of their contracts, so you have to go by the guaranteed amount of $61 million, though Mike Florio claims the actual guaranteed amount is really about $13 million, so feel free to adjust their math if you enjoy huge wastes of time.

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