Colorado Doctor offers free vasectomy for Broncos tickets

01.19.14 4 years ago 9 Comments


One of the keys to winning in the playoffs is taking the ball away from your opponent, and a Fort Collins-area Doctor is taking that one step further by offering up a free vasectomy in exchange for tickets to today’s game against the Patriots. From USA Today:

Dr. Steven Broman of Fort Collins is offering to perform the $1,000-plus surgery in return for tickets. A long-time season-ticket holder, Broman and his family will be at Sunday’s game anyway. The extra tickets, he said, would go to his staff.

I give it three months before Peyton Manning has an advertisement deal in place with Broman’s office. Of course this offer can’t help but remind us all of the Broncos 2011 season, when Tim Tebow would perform circumcisions before playoff games but would only get paid in tips.

Let’s talk about how great it is that a doctor who specializes in vasectomies is named Dr. Bro-Man. That’s just all around good hustle by everyone involved. Apparently the whole “snip-snip for tickets” program is kind of his thing, as he offered the same trade of services back in 2006 before a playoff game against the Steelers. He only had one person take him up on that offer, but there was a problem:

“he said he had only one ticket, so I offered to only do one side,” Broman said. “He didn’t think that was very funny.”

So if you’re a Broncos ticket holder who just hasn’t been able to get around to checking “vasectomy” off of you to-do list, give him a call. As of press time there was no word on if Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie had inquired about Dr. Broman’s gift certificates for friends and family members.

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