Colts-Chargers Live Blog, Second Half

10.14.13 4 years ago 455 Comments

Unicorn and Philly Rivers

Well that was a fun first half. The Colts opened with a flea-flicker on first and five and then the LiveBrog broke. Then the back end of the site broke and then I panicked that we wouldn’t be able to properly pay tribute to all the beautiful rainbows Philip Rivers was tossing up with multicolored unicorn theme. It was awful. Everyone had to pay attention to football and I was so panicked that I had broken KSK while Ape was out I ate half a box of Kashi multigrain crackers (which taste like Protestant communion wafers) and a dozen Rollos.

So yeah, huh. Half a game of football and all we’ve missed is the opening scoring drive from the Colts, Rivers to Keenan Allen touchdown, Rivers nearly hitting Allen for a second touchdown and San Diego settling for a field goal at the end of a eight minute push.

Then 40 year-old Adam Vinatieri hit a 50-yard field goal to close out the half and to shut up all the people who dared to call the Matron Saint “old” during the pre-game. You know what? I bet that’s why the LiveBrog crashed. Don’t think you can just willy-nilly insult the Matron Saint and not feel repercussions.

10-6. Just your typical Monday Night barnburner.

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