Colts cut LaVon Brazill for failed drug test, continue to employ Jim Irsay

07.14.14 3 years ago 34 Comments

Buried over a big news weekend – with the World Cup hoopla, college football’s vagina trophy, and Jason Mraz announcing an Atlanta show – was the Colts’ decision to cut wide receiver LaVon Brazill.

Brazill was suspended for the 2014 season following his second drug violation; he previously was suspended for the first four games of last season. Brazill himself admitted his mistakes regarding marijuana use – which is legal in a handful of states – and vowed to not make the same mistake twice, but here we are, and now the wideout will lose over $1.2 million owed to him over the next two years by the Colts.

It’s a shame the Colts don’t have someone on their roster or staff that’s been through the wringer of drug abuse and arrests that could take Brazill under his wing, be a mentor figure of sorts to a young man making bad decisions. Brazill, after all, has lost his job – as many of us would for drug violations – but surely there must be someone in the Colts organization who would have compassion on him for a youthful indiscretion, to give him the support he needs to get clean and resume his career rather than cut him loose like a piece of garbage unworthy of redemption?


Ok, so we’re just pissing into the wind? Got it.

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