The Colts Only Needed Eight More Injuries And They Had It

01.11.14 4 years ago 35 Comments


Indianapolis was able to hang around until early in the fourth quarter when the Patriots finally pulled away thanks to four Andrew Luck interceptions and the Colts run defense surrendering 234 rushing yards. It got so ugly that the Patriots were the first team to punt inside the opponent’s 27 in nearly 15 years. Who said Belichick wasn’t merciful?

New England advances to its eighth AFC Championship Game under Brady and Belichick. It’s Belichick’s 19th postseason win. Worth nothing that 18 of those came with Brady and Belichick has had just one in seven seasons without Dreamboat. Something to keep in mind for his amazing legacy as the besterest in the all-time annals of always. We’re only a Denver win on Sunday away from Manning-Brady XV, so don’t expect a lot of friendly officiating for the Chargers on Sunday.

The Colts had the fewest turnovers in the regular season then seven in two playoff games. Not a sustainable formula for success unless most of the significant players on the other side get hurt. That didn’t happen this week and so the Colts got bounced. At least Luck’s unkempt beard game has surpassed the rest of the league in year two of his career. He’ll have to work on the rest.

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