A Call Center Employee Is Our New Hero After Going Above And Beyond For A Heartbroken Woman



Heroes typically tend to fall into one of two categories: there are the more classic type of heroes like Renita Smith, whose courageous and unflinching actions resulted in actual lives being saved, and then there are heroes like TONYA KYY905, a Capital One call center employee whose recent act of incredible generosity has gone viral and earned her “Hero of the Day” status on websites and message boards across the internet.

The story goes like this: Christina Grady was just looking to put the pieces of her life back together after being dumped by her fiancé, and was in the process of ordering some furniture for her new place when her credit card was suddenly shut down due to “suspicious activity.” When Christina called up her local Capital One customer support representative to explain her situation, she was greeted by an employee known as TONYA KYY905, who proceeded to give her 4,500 free miles to help ease the pain of heartbreak.

An elated Christina then took to Facebook to thank Tonya for her kindhearted gesture.

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