Coming Attractions: The New ESPN 2.0 For Xbox 360

07.31.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Unless gaming is just your thing or you have an abundance of free time, there’s a pretty good chance your Xbox 360 has been relegated to Netflix status. For those still paying for that Gold Xbox Live membership, ESPN 2.0 could make watching college football this upcoming season even more enjoyable.

Starting August 25th, it will still steam games off of ESPN3, but you’ll be able to watch two games simultaneously in 720p HD and control each game independently with you controller or through Kinect voice controls. Meaning you can pause or rewind one game, while the other one is still running live. There will also be a mini guide of thumbnails that will run across the bottom of the screen that will show live scores and updates.

Since it’s ESPN3, users will only have access to whatever games the network makes available on there. As well as the fact that you’re cable company will have to be a participating provider. As of right now only college football will be on the docket, but plans to add other sports are in the works. Perhaps one day live feeds from ESPN and ESPN2 will make it possible to watch both of the networks at the same time flipping back and forth. We can dream right?

As someone who falls in the causal gamer and uses my PS3 more for Netflix, the possibilities of ESPN 2.0 are one of the few times of I’ve ever wished I had an Xbox 360. It will be interesting to see what this becomes and what, if any, ramifications it will have on how we watch not just sports, but TV in the future.

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