‘Community’ Bingo Is Here, Will Give You Alcohol Poisoning If You Use It As A Drinking Game

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10.20.11 2 Comments

Ever find yourself thinking, “Man, I’m really like watching Community on Thursday nights but I wish there was more gameplay involved?” No? Me either. But this Community Bingo infographic kind of has me feeling differently. And by “differently” I mean “like I should totally make a drinking game out of watching Community.” Sure, with a couple of squares like “Jeff improvises a manipulative speech” or “Pierce makes a racist statement” you’re guaranteed to be blacked out sh*thoused before Troy & Abed close out the half hour, but that’s what DVR is for!

Usability aside, pop culture bingo is always well-received on the internet and I need more excuses to shop in the Alison Brie-Gillian Jacobs GQ photoshoot, so here you go. Full, enlargeable image at the jump. I am irrationally scared of the Greendale Human Being.

Community Bingo
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