‘Community’ Cast Plays ‘Old White Guys Says’ IRL With #PierceORChevy

Editorial Director

Last time we checked in with the Community gang on Twitter they were playing the thought provoking game “Cleav or Crack?” with their followers. Today they’re back with a fun new hashtag #PierceORChevy. It all began about an hour ago with the above tweet from Alison Brie. In the world I want to live in Chevy just asked her that in a serious tone on set, off camera, and she spontaneously decided to start the hashtag as clever way to remind everyone that Chevy and Pierce are essentially the same person.

Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, and Yvette Nicole Brown have since gotten into the act. They’re not all gems so I’ve ordered them from the ones I enjoyed the most to the nonsensical so you can bail at your own convenience.

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