Conan the Barbarian the Musical and Links

06.29.10 7 years ago

PICTURE ABOVE: “Rush hour is no fun, except if you happen to be right behind the mobile puppet theater of Los Angeles artists Joel Kyack and Michael Hayden.” [via Neatorama]

INSET PICTURE: Little Warrior by Louise Mundo at Threadless.

How to be “Macho Man” Randy Savage. [Uproxx]

Of course Facebook game Mafia Wars is going to be a movie. [Filmdrunk]

Taiwanese news service NMA’s computer animation of the Al Gore sex allegations [WarmingGlow]

If you missed it yesterday, here’s one way to shut up a vuvuzela. [WithLeather]

Exercises In Blatant Insensitivity: Alternate Chris Henry Headlines [KissingSuzyKolber]

Lazy, or awesome? [

Bros Icing Movies [CollegeHumor]

The best Superman panels [ComicsAlliance]

“Dog Artist Lori Craig Will Make Your Dog’s Butt Look Awesome”  Call the police. [Urlesque]

Aussie 65-year-old named “World’s Hottest Grandma”. Do they sell mugs with that written on them? [Guyism]

The Doctor plays his own theme song with Orbital at Glastonbury [ToplessRobot]

VIDEO BELOW: Conan the Barbarian: The Musical. [via TheDailyWhat]

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