The Details: Converse Aero Jam ‘Home’

02.13.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Converse Aero Jam Home 1

Words + Photos By Retro Boogie

Lo and behold, we got our paws on a pair of Converse Aero Jam ‘Home’ joints ahead of release day, courtesy of our Finish Line friends. The kicks were taken out, tried on, and thoroughly inspected for freshness and they definitely get the TSS stamp of approval.

The retro stays relatively true to the original with the exception of one glaring detail: the absence of React Juice. Another omission is on the tongue shroud. There’s no number 2 for Grandmama aka Larry Johnson. Not quite a dealbreaker given the retail price of $110, but still something to be made aware of to potential buyers.

Taking a closer look at the rest of the upper, everything is pretty much magnifique. There’s a solid grain to the leather without the artificial sheen that’s present in so many other retros these days. The ventilation holes all over the shoe are backed by a purple leather panel, and the lining on the tongue shroud matches the sock liner. As far as comfort goes, the Aero Jams fit true to size and the cushy midsole feels a bit like Phylon.

Overall, a very well executed shoe. Given the light colors, we’re going to be saving these for warmer weather. A respected retro that won’t break the bank come release day is never a bad thing. Unless it’s this weekend when 132,542,345 other kicks are dropping. Regardless, for the true disciples of the CONS basketball line, these may fly under the radar long enough to purchase relatively easily. Keep those fingers crossed.

There’s only one place to cop tomorrow: Finish Line

Converse Aero Jam Home 2

Converse Aero Jam Home 3

Converse Aero Jam Home 6

Converse Aero Jam Home 4

Converse Aero Jam Home 5

Converse Aero Jam Home 8

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