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Get Post-Apocalyptic With ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ [Uproxx]

If There’s An Earthquake In Idaho, Will Anyone Care? [UproxxNews]

Sofia Vergara On ‘Modern Family’: A Collection Of Bouncy .gifs [WarmingGlow]

Supercut: Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie [

Five Types Of Trickery On The Football Field [WithLeather]

Eminem Shows T.I. The Meaning Of “No Mercy” [TSS]

The Innocent Bystander’s Guide to Video Games [Buzzfeed]

11 Tech Announcements We’re Excited for in 2011 [UGO]

Win a Golden Ticket to the Playboy Mansion [TSJ]

What’s The Greatest Gaming Console Ever? [Unreality]

Ten Awesome TV Opening Credits Sequences [Gunaxin]

Dude Perfect’s New Upper Deck Shot at Cowboys Stadium [TheHoopDoctors]

Kirsten Price sees what Kinect thinks of nudity… And furries. [G4TV]

4 Drinking Games You Could Play With Four Loko (And End Up Regretting) [ForkParty]

Today’s students are still learning about the three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and rmachetes [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Stubbs the dog can do amazing tricks. [via HYST]

[Pictures via BestWeekEver and PleatedJeans]

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