Cop: Jordan 6-17-23 “Carmine”

12.07.10 7 years ago 45 Comments

Jordan Fusion 6-17-23

Posts like these are usually Gotty’s™ territory, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ogle a pair of fresh kicks, right? I’m one of those rare guys that doesn’t mind the Fusions – unless they’re the AF1’s because I still think anyone who robs a person wearing Fusions is only doing the victim a favor – and part of an even rarer breed of human that liked the 17’s and 23’s.

So these shoes are definitely on the David D. Christmas list. They picked the best of each shoe and chose a colorway that can’t miss. It reminds me of the OG Trunners that Roy Jones was pushing back in like 2001 that I used to lust over before I had my own income.

Since I know you’re a dedicated TSS fan and adamant Cooler connoisseur, Santa, go ahead and drop these off for your boy.

And f*ck you if you don’t like them. There, I said it.

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