Cormega Updates Rule No. 4080 With New Track, “Industry,” Produced By Large Professor

05.20.14 3 years ago 3 Comments

Cormega Industry

“Q-Tip warned us, the industry’s toxic,
For reference, check out BDP’s ‘Sex & Violence’
Styles made ‘I Get High, it was playing all day
When Styles made ‘I’m Black,’ it didn’t get enough play”

Before clicking play on Cormega’s newest track, I had to take a sequence of deep, measured breaths. He’s always been my guy, the cat I rooted for even against the worst of odds. No, he’ll never blow up and gain mainstream love but his material always gets respect from peers and those who take the time to digest his music. Others may not vibe with his thick-tongued delivery but there’s really no denying the detailed nature of his words.

So it was with “Industry,” the first official single from Mega Philosophy. ‘Mega’s been on and off the scene in recent years, yet his time away hasn’t affected his pen at all as he explains the perils of dealing with this thing called rap. Backed by customary boom-bap generated by Large Professor, the Queensbridge product is still as crafty as ever while shifting into the role of wise elder (“Men lie, women lie, numbers can be altered, To look high, shareholders hate taking losses”) who’s peeling back the curtain on lessons learned from decades in the biz.

Cormega’s next LP comes fully produced by Large Pro and is scheduled for a summer release. Play “Industry” below before picking it up on iTunes.

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