Cosmo Said It, So It Must Be True!

03.07.08 10 years ago 24 Comments

Sure this is old news and it’s already been covered pretty extensively in the sports blogosphere and even by the occasional leather fetishists, but it’s never too late to make fun of douchebags. Unless they got cancer, then the window would probably have closed. But I digress…

Tony Romo joined John Mayer and the Original Cocksucker of Comedy, Dane Cook, as this year’s winner of Cosmo’s coveted Fun, Fearless Male award. I have no idea why anyone would consider these douches to be at the apex of fun and fearlessness. Before the event I would have assumed things broke down thusly…

Of course that was before I was aware that Dane and John have both gone spelunking inside of Jessica Simpson’s velvet cave. Not only that, but last year’s winner was Simpson’s ex-reality show co-star/latch-key husband Nick Lachey.

All of this can only mean one thing…

Jessica Simpson’s fuckhole is filled with treacherous booby traps.

That’s what I said, BOOTY TRAPS!

Of course I’m just mad because I was overlooked for yet another year. Apparently juggling newborn babies and AIDS infected needles isn’t quite fun and fearless enough for those frilly magazine writing philistines.

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