Could This Be the New (Pale) Face of the Washington Redskins?

04.02.09 9 years ago 53 Comments

I’m sorry, but my only feelings on the potential trade involving Jay Cutler, Jason Cambpell, and a first round pick or three can only be articulated after the jump.


Dear god, somebody barricade Dan Snyder and Vinny “Sarge” Cerrato in a fucking mineshaft until Jay Cutler is off the trade market. The idea of giving up on Jason Campbell and trading away a first round pick for this Vanderbitch is enough to make me stab a Ravens fan and/or a hobo. Granted, Campbell isn’t one of the league’s elite quarterbacks at this point (and he may never be), but giving up on him now after all the time they’ve put in to making this work is exactly the kind of shit that makes everybody hate this front office.

Instead of going after a bitchass quarterback these assholes need to just calm the fuck down and draft a lineman. It might not be fun, and the press conference might be sparsely attended, but NONE OF THAT FUCKING MATTERS! For the love of God, for once please just make a sound football decision and use the pick to add some depth to the offensive or defensive line (your pick!)

/dick joke

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