Cowboys and Aliens Might Actually Be… Good?

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11.17.10 4 Comments

The first trailer and poster have arrived for Cowboys and Aliens, and I didn’t write about it when just the poster dropped because it appeared to be a movie starring and centered around Daniel Craig’s butt.  As much as I approve of that premise, this is not the site for my extensive fan fiction collection.  But what’s this?  A trailer with a pretty damn good western tone to it, and suddenly aliens?  It’s not my first choice of movies to pair with that poster, but okay, you’ve got my attention.  Western tone and suddenly aliens.  Sold.

Director Jon Favreau was also impressed with the tone of the trailer.  He told ScreenRant:

“What I like about it as a filmmaker, is that it feels like they are selling the same movie that we’re making.” He goes on to say that this trailer encapsulates “the tone of the first act of the movie, and as we get deeper, and as more trailers come out – more will be revealed.”

The film stars Daniel Craig (and his butt), Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano, and Olivia Wilde (doing a semi-nude scene). It’s set in 1873, Arizona Territory, and was written by two of the guys from Lost (Kurtzman and Orci), so would it be wrong to hope the Polar Bear from Lost and/or Golden Compass shows up to fight the aliens, too?

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