Cowboys-Bears MNF Live Blog, First Half

12.09.13 4 years ago 1,009 Comments


With the Bears retiring Mike Ditka’s number this evening, I will be greatly disappointed if the entire Soldier Field crowd isn’t sporting fake mustaches and his signature sweater. Failing that, at least the sweater/Zubaz combo spotted here:


Hopefully folks who did the Running of the Ditkas 5K will show up in full regalia.

The great Romo narrative dictates that a critical primetime game in December must result in Romobyl, a hilarious meltdown of turnovers and crunch time derps. Romo defenders will remind you that the Cowboys quarterback actually played through most of December 2012, amassing 10 touchdowns and only one interception. That is, until the fateful regular season finale in Washington in which was picked three times as the Redskins captured the division title.

In fairness, Romo has had a reasonably good 2013 season to date. Had he not failed spectacularly at the end of Dallas’ shootout loss to Denver back in October, more people might be giving him credit when he has come through. The problem with Romo is that he’s more defined by his failures than his successes. So while he’s led two comeback wins in the past few weeks, it’s the narrow losses to the Lions and the Broncos that the public recalls.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy watching Romo fail just as much as anybody. I think it’s okay to acknowledge that he’s a good player some of the time. It doesn’t take away from the schadenfreude. If anything, it strengthens it when the inevitable disappointment Cowboys disappointment.

The most Romo thing wouldn’t necessarily be for the Cowboys to fall apart tonight, though their 2-4 road record in 2013 suggests they might. No, the most Romo thing would be for Dallas and Philadelphia to go into their Week 17 rematch tied atop the NFC East and a full Romobyl to result. Seeing as how no one appears to want to win the NFC North this season, that would be in keeping with the Bears’ tendencies as well.

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