Cowboys-Redskins Live Blog, First Half

12.30.12 5 years ago 736 Comments

After a long afternoon of games in which the postseason fate of no more than one team playing could be decided, we have what is essentially a playoff contest this evening in the swirling winds of Raljon, Maryland. The regular season finale will be a rematch of the Thanksgiving game that saw the Redskins jump to a 28-3 halftime lead, only to let Dallas nearly come all the way back late.

Dallas faces a win-and-they’re-in scenario against a division rival for the third time since 2008. The previous two didn’t go so well for Dallas, though went great for the schadenfreude of everyone else. The Cowboys were blown out by Philly in 2008 and the Giants last season in similar circumstances. The Redskins and the Cowboys last met in a regular season finale with the division title on the line in 1979, when the Cowboys came away with a 35-34 victory.

A wind advisory is in effect for FedEx Field. If that adversely affects the passing games, it’s a decided benefit for Washington, a superior rushing team to Dallas. It also means less opportunities for the ‘Skins porous secondary to be gouged by the Dez Bryant and the rest of the Cowboys receiving corps. Though the less chances that DeAngelo Hall and Dez gets to draw penalties fighting each other is a loss for everyone.

RGIII and the pistol offense he runs has garnered the lion’s share of hyperbole and glowing thinkpieces, but for all the insults we hurl at Tony Romo, he’s been pretty damn good down the stretch this year. Romo has the reputation of wilting in December, but so far in 2012, he’s had 10 touchdowns and one interception and a better than 66 percent completion percentage. Should Romo and the Cowboys win tonight, it may not mean narrative reevaluation altogether, but it’s a welcome rejoinder for the few Romo defenders left out there.

That the Giants are eliminated and the Redskins and Cowboys are vying for the NFC East title is a huge f*ck you to John Mara, who made pissy comments about Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones back in March about the salary cap penalties that the rest of the owners colluded to impose on them. While there’s plenty to hate about Snyder and the ol’ Double J, in this rare instance, they were in the right and have every right to revel in their triumph. Until the next obnoxious thing they do, that is.

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