Crazy Taiwan Batman’s More Interesting Than The Dark Knight Rises

07.28.11 6 years ago

Next Media, the Taiwanese news agency that’s animated the Superhero version of the Conan/Leno feud and Snooki drowning in a hot tub of champagne is back with their interpretation of The Dark Knight Rises trailer. And man, we do not know what’s going on in it.

From what we can tell, Wayne Manor’s foreclosed, forcing Batman to retire and become a Wal-Mart bat-greeter and get bodyslammed by a milk-drinking Bane.  Oh, then some stuff from Christopher Nolan’s films Momento and Inception happens. As for the whole Catwoman whipping Batman on a bed while Robin watches…well, that seems pretty self-explanatory.

One weird thing about the video that no one’s pointed out so far, is Batman’s Wal-Mart suit emblem. Take a look:

That sure looks like the Space Ghost’s chest emblem, doesn’t it? It’s almost like Taiwan used a CGI version of the classic Hanna-Barbara hero for their Batman…or mistakenly thought Space Ghost was just another Batman costume. Which makes as much sense as anything else in this video.

Check out the whole thing after the jump:






[Topless Robot]

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