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That’s K’s setup. Remember K.? Watch for the reappearance soon.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done one of these but we are sorely due. The Crew was summoned via email to throw together some lines & links regarding what’s on their current playlist. This is the type of stuff they came back with, what keeps their hearts pumping like Reeboks, word to Lamont Coleman. A few selections from the soundtracks of their respective daily grinds.

Enjoy, but if you want to, take it a step further. Put together a few songs from your current playlists and give everybody so lines & links in the comments. Just like you feed off our listening habits, we take in your contributions as well.

Khalid Strickland

Rick Ross – “Mafia Music”

I’ve never given a shit about what other people think, which is why I can shamelessly appreciate this joint. Though it’s been digressed by the sideshow that’s going on, Ross can add improved lyrics to his already great ear for beats.

Un Pacino Feat. Prodigy – “7th Heaven”

Speaking of rappers we’ve banned ourselves from liking, Prodigy lends an assist on this gutter track by his man Un Pacino. Alchemist has been on a roll with the hot instrumentals, and this joint is rock-hard crack.

LC Weber

Foreign Exchange – “Take Off The Blues”

This Valentine’s Day, spritz on that Beckham “Signature” or Sean Jean “Unforgivable” — as recommended by L and LC — and play this beauty… I promise great things in the Between-The-Sheets department. But…

D’Angelo — “Spanish Joint”

If you’re looking for your girl to come a little more provocative, Voodoo will never do you wrong. She’ll probably be doing things to you she didn’t even know she knew how to do. One instance comes to mind involving this very song and my best friend giving a couch dance of a caliber I hadn’t realized existed outside of red light districts. Or…

Ty & Kory – “Flyin Away”

You gotta be the baddest chick/ that I’ve ever stuck my dick in…

Just go full boar. No pretense. This is an R&B panty-dropper of another color. My friend Carl was absolutely beside himself when he heard me sing this line — eyes closed and all — while we were stuck in L.A. traffic over the summer. I couldn’t help myself… it’s catchy. And it’s a rare Dilla Dilla Dilla, beat beat beat…. so… ding! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Josh Martinez Feat. Moka Only – “Underground Pop”

The cut-up beat, bouncy melody and humming samples, coupled with Josh’s underdog-themed chorus, make this my current favorite happy-go-lucky jam from The Mustache. If you missed the heads up, please…stop…sleeping.

Evelyn “Champagne” King – “I’m In Love”

The bassline on this song has Down syndrome. The guitar riff drools. The quick and high-pitched whistle notes make your head spin. Then, when Evelyn and the grand piano come in, your suddenly smacked back to reality, ready to get stupid. Classic song, to say the least.

Big Gov – “Worry Free”

I been jamming to this song live for more than a year now, and only recently got the digital copy. It’s about time, because Gov is authentic Detroit talent, which he makes known over this breezy chopped-soul-sample. Plus, I just like saying, “I got guns, I got clothes, I got money, I got hoes” when I don’t have a single one.

Patrick M.

“Still Alive”

I’m not even going to tell you where this is from, but just give it a chance and tell me it isn’t the most pleasantly soothing thing you’ve heard in years.

Silversun Pickups – “Lazy Eye”

While I’ve always been a hater of indie-rock, the way in which this song transitions between soothing beginning and the fierce guitars of the middle still has me rocking out after 50 or so listens. Just don’t expect any lyrical brilliance.

Lola P.

Gucci Mane – “Bricks”

Everyone played Gucci so hard when I was in Atlanta and that song just stuck with me. It’s heavy. Remix is eh for now. I can do with just Gucci. Can’t say I’m a fan of OJ either because his “eyyyyy” can get pretty annoying after a few times.

Yung LA Feat. Young Dro & T.I. – “Ain’t I (Remix)”

This WAS my strip club song and it still is my every-day song. It’s not that the lyrics are so hard (well T.I. does go hard…I like him…like Katt Williams said when imitating Mr. Jackson picking little boys out) but the rhythm is just right for me (and for the strippers taking my money at Platinum 21) Good intro for LA…oh and I definitely asked him about that Shawty Lo similarity in a recent interview….which you will get to read…soon.

Young Jeezy – “Who Dat”

Ah…having Jeezy and Gucci in the same list is a little contradictory to them…but then again…one can be impartial to both right?…Maybe not. Drama tried that with the two of them and it didn’t work out too well. But anyways, I know the record is old now, but it’s among one of my Jeezy favorites, so it had to go on my list.


Allen Toussaint – “Worldwide”

I’ve been on this original samples kick lately and Worldwide (sampled for Outkast’s “We Luv Deez Hoez“) led to my late-bus discovery of Allen Toussaint’s other work.

Jesse H.

Ice Cube Feat. Das EFX – “Check Yo Self (The Message Remix)”

This is just one of the dopest remixes ever. It is to awesomeness what Christian Bale is to overreacting.

Digital Underground – “The Humpty Dance”

I’ve been in an old school mood lately, all right?

Montell Jordan – “This Is How We Do It”

*KANYE* I SAID I’M IN AN OLD SCHOOL MOOD ALL RIGHT? WHAT DON’T YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT? *KANYE*. But seriously, I’ve basically listened to “Bale Out” exclusively for the past week.

Amp Geez

AMG – Bitch Betta Have My Money

Almost entirely self produced (save for DJ Quik’s contribution), AMG’s debut was a misogynst masterpiece that hardly gets mentioned in discussions about the greatest West Coast rap albums. Bitch Betta Have My Money will always be overshadowed by The Chronic, but it’s just as entertaining.

Tokin’ Black Guy – “Body Clock”

The latest hipster internet phenom has only been around a couple of weeks & the rumor mill already has him pegged as anything from G.O.O.D. Music’s newest signee (which Kanye promptly denied) to Ye’s new pseudonym. Playful & abstract, TBG comes off like KiD CuDi on a Red Bull & Body Clock plays like “Day & Nite’s” flirtatious twin. simplistic & spaced out.

Landon A.

The Isley Brothers – “Voyage To Atlantis”

Valentine’s Day approaches rapidly so if you’re looking for something smooth for that cold night by the fire with your lady, lay her down to this classic joint. Order some Applebee’s takeout, grab a bottle of peach flavored Andre and let Ron Isley do the talking. Homeboy’s doing a 2 ½ year stretch in the pen for tax evasion, the least you can do is get busy to his jam.


AZ Feat. Nas – “The Essence”

This song always takes me back to my favorite time in middle school: The bus rides/bus stop/walking home before and after school. Change Prada to some Griffies or J’s and that was how my man & I rolled on a much lower level. He was AZ to my Nas in a sense and we had some good times.

Big Pun – Capital Punishment

R.I.P Christopher Rios b.k.a. Big Pun, we lost you way too soon.

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