Crew Love: The October Edition

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Fall is upon us, already. Which means we’re one day closer to 2012’s end of days and not many steps closer to an NBA season. So, to help you cope with the fact we’re all dying soon and the NBA season won’t be starting on Monday like it should have, we’re offering up a selection of songs that have stayed in rotation for us over the last month or so. So watch the leaves change, drink your apple cider and enjoy the Crew Love October Edition.
PS. In case you don’t know the drill, we always want to hear more, new music, so offer up your personal playlists and choice songs in the comments.
Pac Div – “The Greatness” — Seems like the Cali trio has gone through Hell and back to get to The Div, their first major label release. No ID hooked them up something proper on “The Greatness” and the MCs ooped it with ease. The song’s emphatic drums and smooth chord progression.exceptionally compliment the genuine, feel good rap often associated with the group. — S. Cadet

Pac Div – “The Greatness”
PPP – “Rocket Science” — Wherefore art thou, Outkast? In your stead I’ll fly fucktastic over the cityscape of everyday work and wear with a Detroit-by-way-of-Brooklyn experiment in sonic chemistry. PPP puts me back in the lab again and motivates me toward creation and invention of my own. Seek out funk and air it out, lest the next generation attempts to forget what P-Funk founded and Outkast mastered years ago. — LC Weber

PPP – “Rocket Science”
The Strokes – “The Modern Age” — Ten years since Is This It’s release these songs remain as fresh in 2011 as they did in 2001. “The Modern Age” is not only catchy but also representative of the fast-moving, media-saturated world in which we currently live. Lead singer Julian Casablancas alternates between listless and feverishly emotional while the guitar riffs carry the track into some crazed, musical future. — Ryan J.

The Strokes – “The Modern Age”
Danny Brown – “Scrap Or Die” — Having had to work in Detroit Public Schools during summers while in High School, I’ve seen first hand how rampant the scrapping game runs in The Motor City. Throughout this sinister expedition of storytelling, the face of the Bruiser Brigade details how he and his associates had resorted to looting abandoned houses and schools for their copper on this cut from his Fools Gold debut, XXX. Forget your murder capital and Kwame lines. This is about as Detroit as it gets. — Beware

Danny Brown – “Scrap Or Die”
Adele – “One And Only” — As a fan of not just rap but all of music, Adele’s “One And Only” is as near to perfect as any song could possibly be. Unequivocally well-written and touching, Adele’s vocals grab listeners by the hand and take them on a trip across octaves for six minutes. When she sings of forlorn love, it’s always hard to imagine someone not requiting the love of woman with a voice like hers. — Gotty™

Radiohead – “Lotus Flower” — Thom Yorke and company continue their path of successful weirdness with this so-called “experimental” rock. “Lotus Flower” is a psychedelic circuit board soldered with 808s, sub-friendly bass, synthesized organs, well-scattered hi-hats and a catchy, falsetto hook. On paper it would sound like a remix by The-Dream but it’s jazzy, schizo-rock cadence showcases Radiohead’s ability to stay creative: leaving audiophiles pleased. — Darius Sinclair™

Radiohead – “Lotus Flower”
Meek Mill Feat. Young Chris — “House Party” — “I’ma Boss” continues to destroy clubs nationwide, but the Young Chris-assisted “House Party” is next in line this winter. The erratic, energetic number from MMG’s Philly import is such a great follow up record you only hope these type of decisions are made when it’s time to roll his official debut LP out. Regardless, and this is undeniable, Meek is making some tough, tough records right now, folks. He knows it. You know it. And I know it. — J. Tinsley

Meek Mill Feat. Young Chris — “House Party”
Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Waiting in Vain” — To my knowledge, there was never any documentation of Bob The Great being any kind of oceanographer. Even so, his music definitely can cause the tides to turn at the bidding of The Wailers’ rhythms. Not just the waters that ran alongside the Jamaican shores, either. An emotional chord can be struck up all the same, spurning the tale of being left in limbo and refusing to take it. In theory it sounds like a sucky situation but this legend of a record will always seem to convince you otherwise. — TC

Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Waiting in Vain”

Rick Ross – “The Transporter — Swizz Beatz’ Monster Mondays, was a copy of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Fridays which, along with all of the other free music days that followed, owes a debt to Crooked I’s original Hip-Hop Weekly campaign from way back in 2007. That being said, this gem of a track flew relatively under the radar last year and its a shame. With an intro from the man himself, Ross channels B.I.G.’s Hip-Hop Alfred Hitchcock flow over a bass line so well it would make Leonard Hubbard smile. — Greg Whitt

Rick Ross – “The Transporter
T.I. Feat. Mac Boney – “Trap Muzik” — The crown wasn’t yet his to wear, but damn if Tip wasn’t gunning for greatness with his sophomore release, Trap Muzik. Leading off with a home run, the titular track sets the tone with a mean, triumphant beat over which T.I. murks, mocks and drops the competition. His output as of late has been more on the pop side of the spectrum but vintage T.I. puts a fire in your gut and hair on your chest. — AJ

T.I. Feat. Mac Boney – “Trap Muzik”
Random Axe Feat. Melanie Rutherford & Danny Brown – “Jahphy Joe” — The long-awaited Random Axe LP didn’t quite live up to my expectations as more than a few half-baked songs weighed down the typically-excellent rapping of Sean Price and Guilty Simpson. Black Milk didn’t quite give me what I was hoping for either: turning in solid but unspectacular beats. However this track, with Danny Brown adding his considerable talents to the group’s skill, was everything I could have wanted. — Ben Lampin

Random Axe Feat. Melanie Rutherford & Danny Brown – “Jahphy Joe”
Freddie Gibbs Feat. Freeway & Adrian – “Anything to Survive” — The second leak from Cold Day In Hell debuted in my top ten tracks of the year list and when I saw the two emcees perform it together at A3C, it went up to top five. There aren’t many rappers who can come out of the ring with their pride intact after rhyming with Fred and I’ll be damned if Freeway didn’t spaz his guts out here. — Raj

Freddie Gibbs Feat. Freeway & Adrian – “Anything to Survive”
Nikki Lynette Feat. Mickey Factz – “Glory Box” — The lady and I were rolling through A3C when she was stopped in her tracks by a voice belting out a Portishead song over the Camp Lo “Luchini” instrumental. We tracked the brilliant cover down and it’s been on repeat in the new apartment since. The added production to the classic beat and the stellar singing bring together the two already-dope sources and create a whole new experience. — Trackstar The DJ

Nikki Lynette Feat. Mickey Factz – Glory Box

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