Crying Redskins Fan Explained — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

07.29.13 4 years ago 16 Comments – Richmond, VA News

— The hysterical woman who was crying because no one signed for her at Redskins training camp last week explained herself to the local news. She vows to remain a fan and blamed hormones, which may or may not be code for meth.

— A Redskins fan couple had their honeymoon at the team’s training camp in Richmond. I consider that way more depressing than the crying woman.

— The 49ers new stadium won’t have rumble pak technology, but it will boast an app that shows fans the approximate waiting time for bathroom and beer lines. Pretty nifty way to get fans out to the stadium, if you ask me. Now, oop, what’s that? Oh, the app says the waiting line for my own bathroom and refrigerator is still zero minutes. Guess the television experience still wins out.

— Arena League player celebrated touchdown by doing The People’s Elbow in the end zone. Safe to say that would earn you a roughly… 200-game suspension from Roger Goodell. 250 IF HE’S MAD!

— Blaine Gabbert sprained his ankle in practice. That gives Chad Henne’s sarcastic smirk the edge in quarterback battle. Don’t blow it, buddy!

— The Chargers are considering doing “Hard Knocks” in 2014. My interest in comparing IRL Philip Rivers with KSK Philip Rivers makes this an automatic yes for me.

— Somewhat old link, but new to me: Teacher has students learn grammar by correcting the dippy tweets of NFL players.

— NBC now has the technology for bullet time replays, which is impressive, but call me sentimental if I say I’m gonna miss the super grainy close-up shots that NB-SEE-IT provided.

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