Cuba’s First Horror Film, Juan Of The Dead, Gets A Red Band Trailer

Entertainment Editor

It was nearly a year ago that we were posting teasers for Cuban zombie horror comedy Juan of the Dead, and now we finally have the full trailer.  Filmmaker Alejandro Brugués obtained financing in Spain then took a Red camera and his ballsy crew into Cuba to shoot a movie about a slacker who turns into a zombie killer for hire when a zombie outbreak starts in Havana.  In the film, the Cuban government claims the outbreak is just some U.S.-funded dissidents trying to make the communist leaders look bad, but Juan and friends know what’s really going on.  As the infection spreads and Cubans start fleeing the country using any raft they can find or slap together (that seems familiar), Juan gives up his slacker lifestyle, grabs some improvised weapons, and tries to take back his country.

Brugués tells LatinoReview:

“It’s a zombie film but it’s about Cubans and how we react in the face of a crisis because we’ve had a lot of them here over the last 50 years. […]  It is a social comedy, it has a bit of everything. It has horror, it has action and it pretty much laughs in the face of problems.”

You don’t have to be Cuban to laugh at zombies getting a beat down.  The full trailer is below (probably NSFW due to violence and brief nudity).

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