10 Songs To Get Your Cuffing Season Playlist Off & Running

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To be technical, fall begins September 22, but everyone knows summer is over after Labor Day. That means two things. Football’s back. And so is social media’s favorite equinox, “cuffing season.”

In other words, it’s that time of the year when non-married folks begin narrowing potential suitors in efforts to decide who they’re shacking up with when the temperature takes a permanent turn for the colder. The actual dates of when it begins and ends is widely contested. What isn’t, however, is the power music plays into ensuring everything goes according to plan – the exact reason you’re reading these words right now.

There are thousands upon thousands of songs not listed here. This is only to get the ball rolling, and for you to be a good samaritan and list a handful (or more) of personal favorites in the comments. No, Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” or Teddy P’s “Turn Off The Lights” aren’t listed here because if a person still needs someone to put them up on that type of classic game swaying, chances are he or she is too young to be participating in grown folks business in the first place.

Anywho, let’s get down to business because, like cuffing season, you don’t have forever.

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1. Jodeci – “Freek’n You”

The Mad Band had a plethora of bedroom staples. Perhaps none more so than their 1995 timeless ode to the art of baby makin’ that’s still undefeated if brought into the equation at the absolute right moment.

2. Robin Thicke – “Teach U A Lesson”

This lucky son of a bitch gets to play this when he’s getting ready for sexy time with Paula Patton. And afterwards, get high together.


3. Adina Howard – “T-Shirt & Panties”

Adina is/was/always will be an OG freak just based off other songs like “Freak (And U Know It)” and “Cum Inside.” It’s this song, however, which may be her magnum opus. And yes, pun intended.

4. Ne-Yo – “Say It”

Crack whatever joke about Ne-Yo, but do not – under any circumstances ever in life – deny the power of this song.

5. R. Kelly – “12 Play”

There’s a good chance many of the graduating high school seniors in Chicago this year are products of this album. More specifically, this song in particular.

6. Blackstreet – “Deep”

Back when groups actually existed in music, “Deep” cut no corners in expressing what its main objective was.

7. Chris Brown – “No Bullshit”

We may be witnessing Chris Brown lose his mind at this moment. He may be a Blood now. We’re not sure. What is largely accepted though, is the most hated man in R&B every now and then can drop an undeniable monster of a bedroom anthem. Case in point.

8. Tyrese – “Signs Of Loving Making”

His tweets may be as dumb as Chick-Fil-A closing on Sundays, but this song is the furthest thing from the sort.

9. Tank – “Slowly”

This was originally supposed to be D’Angelo’s “Untitled,” but Tank’s often forgotten banger won out. Women over the age of 25 will appreciate the magnificence of this song.

10. Janet Jackson – “Would You Mind”

This is arguably, potentially, arguably the single greatest cuffing season song post-Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” Nah, f*ck that, it is. The look on the Danny Green look-a-like’s face says it all.

7:33-7:40 mark of the video FTMFW!

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