“A Case Of Déjà Vu…”

02.07.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

In anticipation for Smokee Robinson, I’ve been running through old Curren$y releases. His consistent output of music and loyalty to a constantly-growing fan base are what drew me in. Nah, yelling “Jets fool” isn’t my means of promotion, but I am down with the hazy clouded movement.

“Another Story To Tell,” originally on Welcome To The Winner’s Circle, is an appropriate song to highlight considering the time. Borrowing Christopher’s classic, Spitta confesses to his own tale of calculated infidelity with the arm candy of some player from the New Orleans Hornets. Fast forward to the now and Curren$y finds himself in Miami.

“Back to the hooper’s hoe
In a Chanel sun dress on the hotel room floor
Told me that she just wanna fuck and smoke with a real nigga
And she only with the other nigga for the dough…”

All-Star Weekend is around the corner too, too. Rule of thumb here? Guard your chick. It’s not like a rapper has never used someone else’s ol’ lady to benefit their career. Isn’t that right, Pac,Sean and Curtis?


Download — Curren$y – “Another Story To Tell”

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