Curses! EA Sports Unveils Its Long-Haired CoverHippies

04.24.09 8 years ago 36 Comments

Electronic Arts tried to keep the new Madden in the conversation for an extra blogcycle a few days ago by claiming that there were nine “finalists” for the cover of the Madden ’10 game (which included Matt Cassel for some reason), when really it turned out to be the duo that the Arizona Republic reported a few weeks back. And yeah yeah, it’s the first time more than one player has appeared on the cover and a plague will befall both these men by the next sunfall. Really, I just wish they’d let you hit people after the play again. But I guess they’re saving that for when they stick Terrell Suggs on the front.

But what special features can we expect with the programmers tailoring the game to these two? Other than extensive hair care ads to be prominently displayed, of course.


  • Crossing yourself after every play
  • Michael Jackson voice acting!
  • 30 hours of playable crazy off-season workouts with Marv Marinovich
  • Hair tackling (Larry Johnson only)
  • Lava rock toss-tackling


  • Special “stay objective while covering your son in the Super Bowl” journalistic mini-game (PRESS THE ETHICS HIT-STICK!)
  • Girlfriend punching now a main component of franchise mode
  • Player contracts can be negotiated with crackers
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