Curtis Williams & Money Makin’ Nique – “Smoke & Chill”

12.15.13 4 years ago

babylon cartel mixtape vol. 1

Curtis Williams and Money Makin’ Nique alight over C4’s airy production for “Smoke & Chill.” Get it? I couldn’t resist that one. Although I love most everything that Curtis does, including his excellent Half Forgotten Daydreams tape (grab it here), I was pleasantly surprised by his energy on this song. Incorrectly, I assumed that a song about weed smoking would be a little more carefree than it is.

But, leave it to these two ATLiens for continuing to surprise us. That’s what makes them interesting. Sorry if you’re not in Washington or Colorado, and you need to be sneaky about following their recipe for a more stress-free life.

Spotted: DGB

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