100-Word Review: D-Lo’s ‘Keep It On The D-Lo’

04.17.14 4 years ago

D Lo Keep It On The D-Lo Album Cover

D-Lo’s “duh”-titled Keep It On The D-Lo is his first foray into the underground Hip-Hop scene, and features songs like the high-octane “Top Down,” which allow D-Lo to let loose his sharp flow and lyrical versatility. However, don’t be fooled: the album’s overall achilles heel is its juvenile subject matter, mainly covering rich rapper tropes, especially on “Get Her Tho” and “Yo P*ssy.” And because there are 17 of these trite tracks, it doesn’t take long for Keep It On The D-Lo to blend together in a questionable mishmash of ignorant bliss.

Standout Songs: “Keep It On The D-Lo”

Songs To Skip: “Dope Dick,” “Do Me,” “Back To The Money”

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