Dallas Morning News smells a Pulitzer after Martellus Bennett’s story on ladyfarts

04.07.09 9 years ago 34 Comments

That bitch farted, I can see it!

Martellus Bennett is blogging for the Dallas Morning News‘ website, and fortunately his ruminations have nothing at all to do with football. Instead, the Cowboys’ second-year tight end is using the space to tell fart stories.

This lady was walking in front of me pushing her cart she
stopped to pick up some pringles and let one rip. Sounded like a growl
and and a motor but smelt like a dead carcus. OMG! Now I knew it
wasn’t me LOL and we were the only two people on the aisle. She just
smiled and kept walking like nothing happened the smell followed her.
I swear I could see it like smoke out of a train just nasty.

Stay tuned to the Insider Blog for more of Marty B’s thoughts, including his upcoming post “Queefs: It Stopped Being Funny the Second the Air Came Out of Her Vagina.”

Thanks to commenter Mo Charlo for the smelly tip.

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