Dame Dash Gets The Funk Flex Epic Rant Treatment

06.05.14 3 years ago 42 Comments

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Besides his conspicous use of the hashtag #rushthethrone, Dame has been using his Instagram to lay into Lyor Cohen and former Def Jam president Joie Manda, calling them culture vultures who profit off rap, and calling out Funkmaster Flex more than once for defending them. It follows up last week’s video footage of Dame making similar remarks about Steve Stoute.*

Dash has been baiting Flex into a debate about his issues with perceived outsiders taking from hip-hop culture, even offering to come up to Hot 97 to speak in person, but the legendary DJ declined and instead replied with one of his signature rants.

Charlemagne the God, while embroiled in his own beef with Funk Flex, once sarcastically referred to him “Flex Hogan.” While the nickname was meant as a diss, it’s an apt moniker, as Flex spent a sitcom’s full running time, essentially cutting a promo, at times raising the theatrics to a cartoonish level.

Flex begins by reinforcing his respect for the former Roc-A-Fella CEO, then continues defending his friend Manda, deriding Dash for having lost his place in the music business, and making the argument that Dash himself is a culture vulture. Flex argues that Dash only refers to former Def Jam Executive Lyor and Joie Manda as culture vultures because they are white people profiting off of hip-hop. Flex also accuses Dash of still not taking blame for his own role in his apparent ouster from the music business.

Flex makes some good points here–and apparently Curren$y agrees with the one made about the time he spent with Dash during the early Pilot Talk days — but there’s obviously several sides to this story. Dash is giving his as we speak on The Combat Jack Show, and we’ll hear what he has to say tomorrow. If you don’t have 20 minutes to listen to Flex right now, here are a couple of highlights.

On inviting Dame to Hot 97 to debate on air:

“First of all, fam, what are you coming up for? This ain’t 1998. When you’re in the music business, we’ll have you come up. Right now, stick to artwork[…], and clothing, and slippers. Let me do this music thing. I got this.”

On Beanie Sigel:

“When you gone get Beans his $11 million for State Property that you didn’t give him yet that he was vocal about him getting it?”

On Curren$y:

“You didn’t pay Curren$y on one song, B! Who’s the culture vulture?”

On Dame’s lack of social media presence until recently:

“You were in a slipper, art, coma!”

We should have Dame’s response tomorrow. Between, this debate, Chuck D calling out Hot 97 on Twitter, and G-Unit back to their bully tactics, it looks like it’s going to be a hot summer that for once, has it’s heat emanating from New York City.

* — Dame also went at his former accountant, who he accuses of robbing “athletes and rappers.”

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