Dame Dash Addresses “Jay Z Isn’t Supporting ‘Biggs'” Rumors

04.03.14 3 years ago 20 Comments

When word spread of a Jay Z-Dame Dash reunion last August, I did the same dance Dame did in the “Hey Papi” video like my teenage years were back and all was right in the world.

Fast forward a few months to March and we have Dame letting off a subliminal on Instagram to nameless friends of fellow Rocafella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke who had failed to supported “Biggs” during his prison bid. And, like most everyone else, I said the same thing, “Holy s*it! Is that about Hov?”

Since then Dame hasn’t said much about the topic until yesterday when he sat down with Sway on RapFix Live. When asked directly if the IG post was about Jigga, he didn’t exactly exonerate him: “If the shoe fits it has to be worn.” He then said if he has an issue with Jay he’ll tell him personally before moving forward to expand on his thoughts.

“Overall, It ain’t Jay; it’s a lot of people that I seen him look out for that are expecting him to ask for help and he’s not gonna ask for it. He’s gonna do his time like a man. He’s not gonna tell on nobody. He’s not gonna complain. That’s what he’s doing, pause…I’m really disappointed in the core of people. I really saw him bid with people. I seen him help people through really rough times and those same exact people are not steppin’ up. They’re expecting him to ask and I just don’t think that’s alright.”

And just like the world is back of its axis again.

Maybe Jay will make another “Do U Wanna Ride?” and I can throw this old Roc pinwheel fitted back on and pour up some Belve and be 14 again. I’m just not holding my breath.

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