Dame Dash on Jay Z-Solange Fight: He Has To Worry About Corporate Checks, I Don’t

05.27.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

Someone decided to ask Dame Dash about the Jay Z-Solange fight because. According to Dame, his former partner in the Roc has to keep up appearances in order to continue receiving corporate checks. Well…

1. We knew that. We all have to wear the mask at our jobs. Even though Jay’s in a different tax bracket, playing a different game with larger stakes, the rules are still the same.

2. Dame asserts that he’s not corporate so he doesn’t have the same worries as Jay or something to that effect. Right Dame. That’s why you went broke and you’re running around here starting all these silly hustles while everyone who came up with you has already moved up several levels.

3. He thinks the whole thing was hilarious and, if they still hung around, Jay would be getting roasted. “All the press I had rolled up in one is not as funny as this right here.” He may be right there.

4. Jay doesn’t have many “uncool” moments so we should relish this. However, Dame does remember one time when a bird hit Jay in the face. I’d pay see that moment.

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