Dame Dash Is Tired Of All The Negative Press

03.14.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

Dame Dash

New York newspapers, Dame Dash has had enough of your bullsh*t.

The former Roc-A-Fella Records boss got into it with the New York Daily News on Thursday when the two met following a court case. Dame’s fighting a $1 million lawsuit filed by his son’s mother, who alleges the 42-year-old businessman had her falsely arrested in 2009.

Since his fall from Hip-Hop grace, Dame’s been in the papers for everything from missed child support payments to tax liens to back rent issues. But it seems like he’s had enough of publications focusing on the bad and not the good, like his art galleries.

“How come you never talk about the positive stuff? ‘Cause I’m black? Because you’re Republican? Why? When you come in the court case, you don’t go just to court case. You talk about the history of which you’ve written about before. So how come don’t speak about the good stuff. Why don’t you guys ever write about the good stuff about a black man. Why? Cause you’re a racist Republican paper that’s why. And I know you it’s killing you that Obama is in office. I know it kills you that you went to college to write for a paper that’s not credible.

“Why do I have to be going crazy because I’m asking you a question, instead of you guys asking me? Why am I crazy for that?

“Why don’t you say ‘he has art galleries around the world’? ‘He has independently owned companies that do well over $50 million’? ‘He employs 10 people at any given time.’ How come you never say that? Why?”

Well, you kinda just did.

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