Did Dame Dash Just Send A Subliminal Shot At Jay Z?

03.20.14 4 years ago 23 Comments

He didn’t specify any names, but this photo and message posted on Dame Dash’s Instagram page could lead anyone to believe he’s referencing Jay Z or another person close to their old Rocafella regime.

“I’m really disappointed in all the people that I personally watched Biggs help just acting like it’s just ok not to help Biggs …he’s a g so he’s not complaining but this shit is just not ok…you all know who you are…I have know [sic] respect for anybody Biggs looked out for that is not looking out him…you should be ashamed of yourself…if you not gonna send him something buy a shirt and I’ll send it to him #harlemstickstogether ddpoppington.com” [sic]

Jail is obviously a taxing, terrible experience, but Biggs, aka Kareem Burke, only got a slap on the wrist with his five-year sentence for his role in a marijuana ring. Again, not easy but still nothing he shouldn’t be able to handle.

Dame’s been a little on edge lately. Maybe he just needs a Snickers.

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