Dan Aykroyd Is A Fan Of Troll Quotes

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10.24.11 3 Comments

I’m sharing this not only because I’m a big fan of troll quotes but also because I’d like to believe that Dan Aykroyd didn’t expend his last drop of awesomeness almost fifteen years ago in Grosse Point Blank (or that the statute of limitations is up on Blues Brothers 2000 karma). And no, unintentional batsh*t crazy awesomeness doesn’t count.

Above is an autographed photo a TDW reader recently received (or claimed to receive) from Ray Stantz himself. I’m not sure if it’s in the same stratosphere as Steve Martin’s business card, but if I find out Dan Aykroyd walks around with a briefcase full of vintage photos of Chevy Chase looking as 80’s as possible and a head full of his contemporary’s famous lines, I’ll give him the edge.

Relevant video that encouraged me to join Model UN in high school after the jump.

Photo via The Daily What

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