Danny Brown – “Brown Eyes”

09.30.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Danny Brown takes a break from XXX‘s clean sounds on “Brown Eyes” to rhyme over a raw beat reminiscent of his Hot Soup days. Your boy’s still irreverent and eccentric compared to the relatively dialed back delivery he used to have. So, in a way, “Brown Eyes” is a case of old meets new. Yet, if you’re unfamiliar to Mr. Brown, the track scratches the surface on Danny’s zany rap style. Plus the song serves as a precursor for plenty of new events for the hybrid.

Danny Brown’s lines often revolve around straight up recklessness but “them Fools with the Gold” will put him on a strict regiment for the next month and change. Be on the lookout for Black and Brown, an upcoming EP with fellow Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk. Milk’s no slouch on the boards and, with Danny’s rhyming ability on deck, it’s November 1 release may be a date worth saving.

DownloadDanny Brown — “Brown Eyes”

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