Danny Brown Tells How The Hybrid Came To Be

07.24.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

It’s not particularly uncommon for rappers to flood the listening market with their work. We get mixtaped, trailer’ed and “freestyle’ed” nearly to death. Still, it struck me as odd when Danny Brown followed the release of Detroit State Of Mind 4 so closely with The Hybrid. The Hybrid was definitely more the intentionally more polished of the two and, still, DSoM4 hadn’t even gotten its full term in my iPod rotation.

By taking to his blog, “The Greatest Rapper Ever” clears up the how’s and why’s regarding the album’s creation and it happens to be one of the best reads I’ve had all week. Besides giving individual breakdowns of each song, Danny candidly details how all parties involved dropped the ball, didn’t believe or things of that nature.

“So now its the summer of 09, a whole year has went passed and no album, But for some reason it fueled the fire, i felt like i understand why a major wont take a chance, but i cant even get a indie label to believe in me, SMH, i felt disrespected, and unappreciated by my city, so i wanted to give everybody a middle finger with a smile,

“around time for March i was like fuck it …. i been working on this album for to long to be sitting on it … i told Frank fuck it… i wanna drop it on my B-Day March 16th … and thats exactly what we did … soon after i released it … went to Ny to do some interviews Shade45 and CDR … stopped over at 10Deep really hoping that maybe we can do this tape together … But then i was told by the guy who call the shots that they wanna go with a “Bigger Name” to do the tape with and they were prolly going wit Gucci Mane

“I cant front i felt crushed, i felt like damn this is a fucking clothing line not a fucking record label …… and they dont believe in me either

“Since then i feel funny about wearing 10Deep (so i havent, which we all know i praised em in my music, and i have alot of they clothing). Still waiting on that Gucci Mane 10 Deep Mixtape(or at least see him in a T Shirt)”

Instead of allowing it to shelved, Danny dropped it online and the rest is audio history.

The Breakdown of The Hybrid [Danny The Hybrid]

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