Danny Woodhead has a children’s book

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The hardest choice Barns and Noble ever had to make was whether to put this in the Scrapbook or Pop-Up book section.

When I started writing “The Book of Woodhead” series, I didnt think that anyone had beat me to the punch but here we are. While my acounts of Dannys life are painstakingly factual this seems to be more of a instruction manual for youre kids to play the game The Right Way.

The book came out in 2011 so yea Im 3 years late to this but so was the USA in WW2 and we made up for lossed time quick. I was tipped off by my online amigo @bdarby who was apparently just whipping his camraphone out in the kids section of a book buying store like a real creep no offense.

The Scrapbook, as Im going to call it, is about young Danny Woodhead on a childrens football team. Hes to short so coach wont let him in the game even though these waterbug-type scatback’s are chesspiece mismatches who can duck behind lineman so obvously the fictional “Coach Steven” doesnt know his butthole from third base. Say what you want about Jerry Sandusky but at least the guy was open to play small kids, not to make light of a serous situation.

So how does Danny let his coach know that hes ready to contribute to the team? Does he write a rap song called “Hand me the damn ball?” or run over his coach with his rims? No. Heres what Danny does.

Boy I sure hope Danny get’s in to the game I bet he could do some real damage out there. Through a little bit of journlism I uncovered a interview with the books’ author John Goode. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT:

The team is losing at halftime, and the coach decides to put Danny in. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but as you can probably guess, he scores the winning touchdown.

Now if youll excuse me Im going to wait for Al Shartpon or the ACLUeless to show up to defend the rights of undersized people with oversized heart and gumption. Might be awhile SMH.

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