Dapper Dan Explains Designing Floyd Mayweather’s Ring Attire

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Prior to last night’s fight, famed Harlem designer Dapper Dan shares with Complex how he works with “Money” Mayweather to create the exotic, custom looks the boxer wears into the ring.

…The ostrich leather outfit you made for Mayweather for his fight against Miguel Cotto was lavish. Can you tell us the backstory of how you came to design those pieces for that night?

Floyd likes ostrich a lot. It’s one of his favorite skins. But instead of buying an ostrich leather garment from a store, he likes to have something made that caters more to his style. It’s got to have that special look that he likes, you know what I mean? He wanted something that was going to fit with what was going on in fashion at the time, but have it also be something that would put him at the head of the pack. The result was a chic biker look, and he loved it.

Is designing and coming up with the customs a collaborative effort?

Yes, it’s always a collaborative effort because he’s strong-willed. That’s one of the things that I like about [Mayweather]—he knows what he wants and is very passionate about it. He just needs to have me show him what that energy would look like when it’s brought to life as a finished garment—as far as what would look right and what won’t—and then for me to work out how to actually make it.

Mayweather’s look for tonight is being kept under wraps until his big entrance. But can you tell us what’s special about the outfit?

When Floyd is in the ring, he likes to look the same way that he does when he’s at a fly club. So, with tonight’s look, if he substituted the trunks, he could still wear the top to an exclusive club and be fly. Nobody’s ever done ring wear like he does ring wear. Nobody! People forget—his first nickname is “Pretty boy” Floyd Mayweather. Floyd “Money” Mayweather came later. He was fly before anything else.

Read the full interview at Complex.

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