“Dark Knight Returns” to Be a Cartoon Again?

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04.18.11 3 Comments

Hey, remember when Frank Miller wasn’t a joke? So does Warner Brothers, so they’re making an animated adaptation of “The Dark Knight Returns”.

Or maybe they just like triggering fanboy arguments, as this immediately degenerated on message boards into an argument over the relative merits of DKR and whether or not it’s actually worth adapting because Frank Miller has a thing for whores.

Personally, we’re a little curious about how the story is going to work. DKR, despite being set in the future, is very much a book about the fears of the ’80s: street gangs running wild, organized crime seemingly unstoppable, lunatics becoming celebrities instead of being locked up. Twenty years and change later, it’s still a great story, but it seems less visceral than it did when everybody was convinced we were being swallowed up by crime and it didn’t matter since the nukes would fly any day now.

Maybe they’ll just expand the “Batman: The Animated Series” take into a feature. You can see that on the next slide.

[ via the licken chegs at Bleeding Cool ]

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