Darnell Dockett Is Good At Compassion

04.24.12 5 years ago 14 Comments

I wasn’t inclined at first to write about Deion Sanders getting jumped at his house by his estranged wife and her friend. Despite it being Deion and hence ripe for schadenfreude, it seemed more like an ugly situation than something that merits out-and-out mockery. Then again, there’s always a thin line between the two when you’re dealing with making the yuks about the NFL. Such weighty quasi-journalstic-esque decisions, you guys.

Cutting to the chase: Pilar Sanders was arrested after Deion had his kids file out police reports against their mom. Deion had to make sure to post pictures of that on Twitter because that’s a memory you want them to share with the world. What transforms tragedy into comedy for me is Darnell Dockett remarking on how hot Pilar looks in her mug shot.

That’s the perfect Darnell Dockett response. He and his pet alligator should really have their own talk show already. “Real Talkin’ With Darnell”. Let’s make it happen, folks.

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