The iPod Shuffle: David Banner ‘s “Like A Pimp”

08.24.13 4 years ago 24 Comments

David Banner Like A Pimp

“When I hit the club, I’ma be with David Banner,
A thug-ass n****a with bad table manners”

We’re here today, ladies and gentlemen, to raise our glasses to the triumphs of Lil Flip and David Banner. Any serious rap fan should spend at least one week (month?) a year celebrating the Dirty South hits of the early-2000s, creating playlists and getting crunk and all of that good stuff.

“Like A Pimp” personifies everything we know and love about the heavy liquor sippin’, lean-spllin’, lady-killin’, devil-may-care attitude that SEC-land produces. When it comes to putting wind in your sails and getting the listener hyped for the night, you can’t tell me that it’s been done better than Banner and Flip.

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