Hip-Hop, Marketing, Blogging & More: David D.’s Speaking Engagement At Tulane University

11.13.13 4 years ago 29 Comments

TSS_Horizantal One

Allow a little full disclosure here.

I started at TSS in 2008 as a senior at Davidson College. I really just thought it would be cool to write for my favorite site. This was in the days when TSS was still hosted on Blogspot I think. And for the first two or three years I wrote for the site, I was told I was wasting my time.

Some of my family members thought I was just sending in articles to some mysterious weirdo with a fake gangster name who was using my work to get himself over. Then the big wigs at Northwestern damn near kicked me out because I was “wasting my time” writing for a site that wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Welp. Look at what we have here.

David D. is speaking at Tulane. Not David Dennis, writer for The Guardian. Or David Dennis, world famous ladies’ man and billionaire playboy. But David D. from the Smoking Section. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. TSS is always home and has been for close to six years now and I owe everything to this place. Everywhere I go, I have my proverbial TSS flag hanging out my back pocket – repping for the Crew and each and every one of you guys who read, drop a comment or tell me I’m a piece of sh*t.

So it’s with great pride that I invite everyone who can make it to Tulane University on November 18th at 7:30, where I’ll be speaking on Hip-Hop, a thing called blogging, marketing and WHERE THE CULTURE IS AT (c) Kanye. It should be a lot of fun and I’m really excited for it.

Shout out to the homie and long-time reader Marco for reaching out. Give him a follow and Respect His Fresh.

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