David Dallas Feat. Buff1 – “Front To Back” Remix

11.30.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

Two weeks ago, I got an email, asking me why we had so many “too many who the hell is that posts.” in our content the past few weeks. There’s an answer to that. One, going to seven sites and seeing the same seven alternating songs & artists is a bore. Two, there’s much more going on out there and we’ve got access to it thanks to Al Gore’s internuts. As evidence, check David Dallas’ remix to “Front To Back,” featuring my brother Buff1. Same boisterous and beautiful track as the OG, but featuring new rhymes from both artists. Which leads me to point three, we lead, they follow. And when they catch up, we’re already on to the next thing. No shots, just a strong opinion.

S’all good though. “Who the hell” artists soon become bigger names and even if they don’t, the music’s good all the same. And that’s what justifies their placement here.


Download — David Dallas Feat. Buff1 – “Front To Back” (Remix)

The remix will be the bonus track on Dave’s next single “I Get The Feelin” and appears on Buff’s upcoming album It’s A 1derful Life, dropping for the free on Wednesday. Grab it then…or wait til somebody else tells you about it.

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